Random Things About Me

Random Things About Me

My friend, Erin, across the Pond at wrathsqueen.com, nominated me for an Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award. Apparently, she doesn’t know me that well, but hey, I can go with it. Particularly since there’s a luscious, virtual strawberry cake involved. Now that I’ve finished it off, I’m turning my sticky fingers to my keyboard to FOLLOW THE RULES: Post my own 7 Random Facts About Myself and nominate 10 others. Here they are…

  1. I sleep with three pillows, preferably four. One goes over my head when dawn comes streaming through my window. I have no love affair with morning.
  2. The resulting bed-head hair is pretty ridiculous. My husband laughs, and calls me Anne Burrell (Food Network lady with crazy hair that stands on end).
  3. I prefer pants with an elastic waist. Life’s too short to not breathe.
  4. My favorite candy is anything in dark chocolate. If it’s a salty nut, I’m in heaven.
  5. I adore movies. When I write, I see my stories as movies, playing out in my head. Along that vein, I listen to soundtracks as I write. The last movie we went to see was “Tin Tin,” and I’m dying to see “Sherlock Holmes” and “War Horse.” I like to see the epic movies on the big screen; anything else can be via DVD.
  6. We’ve lived in the same suburban house for fifteen years. We might live here forever. I hate the thought of moving! Although I sometimes fantasize about a condo and no need for gardening/care of the exterior of the home. And a jacuzzi tub. Yeah. That’d be cool.
  7. People call me “sweet,” but I think of myself as pretty tough. I’m a no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is, don’t-play-games kinda girl. But I like to be kind to everyone I meet.

Now, it’s my turn to nominate 10 others…

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Check ‘em out. They all deserve a cake with whipped cream and fresh strawberries on top. And in the meantime, please let me know one random fact about YOU!




  1. Fun fact about me… I love making people happy :)

  2. On the note of movies, War Horse is an AMAZING movie, but if your stupidly emotional during movies like me, bring LOTS of kleenex, and Sherlock Holmes is one of those movies that keeps you guessing 'till the very end ( for me, it was much better than the first one).

  3. I llloooovvvveee writing stories! I can sit there and read and write alllll dddaaayyy!!!!! I am working on a novel write now… I am scared to see how it turns out lol :)

  4. OH. MY. GOSH!!! I totally do #5 with my two best friends!!! Music is my gateway to writing as well! What is your favorite soundtrack to listen to when you write? I really like "Gladiator," because it is so dramatic. :D :D

  5. Oh, how fun! Thanks for the blog award! I will plan on posting my seven random facts on Saturday, hopefully. :-)

    And how cool, finding out 7 random things about you. Wow, 4 pillows?? I use only one (flat) pillow. Anymore then that and I get a neck ache! :-P

  6. Love them strawberries! :)

    Hmmm…random fact: I like that "book" smell that you can only get with certain kinds of paperbacks. :)

  7. love your random facts =)
    by the way, I'm a huge fan of the ROT series!
    so my random fact is that i once went to a music concert and moshed in a long skirt and purple crocs! it was seriously fun because i kept thinking i was going to trip over =)

  8. Aw *HUGS* Thank you! That cake looks absolutely delicious :)

    Hm, random fact about me…I actually DON'T have red hair like the girl in my header. My hair is brown.

  9. Random Fact… I have this weird fascination with water! It's just so beautiful! I always want to go swimminng.

    And music is a great way to inspire a new writing piece! It's how I write most of my stories.

  10. I just saw this, Lisa! Sorry!!!! :( I'll play next time!

  11. hehe random facts are always fun:) hmmm random fact about me… well im addicted to the river of time series;) and I often listen to michael allen harrison the pianist while writing. it sets a good mood.

  12. random fact about me…i have a strange tendency to connect sounds tastes emotions ect. with colors. It's the result of one of my five senses still being connected to another sense making the two function as one at times. Forget what it's called though…:D

  13. my random fact…….I act out parts from The River Times Series with classical music!!!!


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