If you get lost, here are the links!

STOP 1: Lisa T. Bergren
STOP 2: Robin Lee Hatcher
STOP 3: Roseanna M. White
STOP 4: Cara Putman
STOP 5: Lynette Eason
STOP 6: Leslie Gould
STOP 7: Tamera Alexander
STOP 8: Lori Benton
STOP 9: Jane Kirkpatrick
STOP 10: Ann Gabhart—This site was briefly down TH night; if you missed it, the CLUE WORD is “NEW”
STOP 11: Mindy Starns Clark
STOP 12: Melanie Dobson
STOP 13: Richard Mabry
STOP 14: Lisa Harris
STOP 15: Elizabeth Goddard
STOP 16: Margaret Daley
STOP 17: Carrie Stuart Parks
STOP 18: Melanie Dickerson
STOP 19: Angela Hunt
STOP 20: Cindy Woodsmall
STOP 21: Connilyn Cossette
STOP 22: Nicole Deese
STOP 23: Louise M. Gouge
STOP 24: Sibella Giorello
STOP 25: Lisa T. Bergren, (grand prize entry page)