How Big is God?

How Big is God?
Genre: Children's Picture Books
ASIN: 0061131741
ISBN: 9780061131745
Inspired by my little girl saying, "If Jesus is in my heart, he must be very, very tiny," I set out to explain how God can be at once as small as a grain of sand--and bigger than the biggest sand dune we've ever seen. It led to this fun book! ~LTB
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About the Book

When a young boy asks his mother where God lives, she tells him “in your heart.” This inspires a slew of curious questions: Is he invisible? Is he like a superhero? Can he fly? How can he be everywhere all at once? In this heartwarming conversation between mother and son, all the ways in which God exists are discussed and the possibilities are endless. Through bright, dreamy illustrations, HOW BIG IS GOD? captures the immensity and wonder of looking at God—and the world—through a young child’s eyes.

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