Scavenger Hunt Stop #32

Oct 25, 2012

Thanks for taking part in the hunt! We’re so glad you stopped by…ALL 31 OF OUR SITES! Hopefully, you learned about some great new reads and authors.  Make sure you register in the Rafflecopter form below to be in the running for one of our 3 amazing prizes! ***UPDATE: GIVEN THE STORM HITTING THE USA, WE’RE EXTENDING THE DEADLINE TO RESPOND, IN CASE YOU’RE THE WINNER. YOU’LL HAVE UNTIL THURSDAY TO SEND IN THE SECRET QUOTE.***~LTB

NOTE: Rafflecopter has been having some issues–just in time for our scavenger hunt, wouldn’t you know it? About 5% are having trouble getting it to load. It sounds like you need to sign out of Rafflecopter, clear your cache and reboot your computer, clear your cache again, then try logging in again. Here’s what Rafflecopter has to say: Rafflecopter had issues on Thursday morning, but it looks like they have been resolved. If you still can’t see the form and instead it appears to be “loading…” but never does, you need to sign out of your Rafflecopter account, if you have one, then you need to clear your cache, close your browser, open your browser, and clear your cache one more time. This should solve the problem. If not, check out Rafflecopter’s Facebook page for more information.

If you’re STILL having issues and can’t log in, email me your name by Sunday and I’ll enter you manually: Lisa @ bergrencreativegroup dot com

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