Drum roll, please…

Dec 25, 2013

Here’s the pretty-much-final cover for DELUGE, the last of the River of Time Series coming in 2014. It’s in editing now and we’re gunning to get it out around August 22 in e-formats, and a couple weeks later in paper (around September 5). It will only be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords, since I’m self-publishing. It’s a full-length novel, not novellas. If you register for my e-newsletter (green box on my home page), you’ll find out for sure. It will also be all over my River of Time Facebook page.

The image was originally going to be Gabi and Marcello’s child but now she’s someone else! And the book obviously features our troops going to Venice (or Venezia, as they call it). In the end, our characters have to face the Black Plague at long last. Truly, it will be the hardest battle the She-Wolves have fought yet…prepare yourselves.

While you wait on DELUGE, be sure to check out REMNANTS: Season of Wonder. It released April 8!