Fall ’16 Scavenger Hunt Basics

Nov 3, 2016

If you’ve never taken part in one of our hunts, here’s the deal: You’re about to learn something new about (or be introduced to) 30 awesome Christian fiction authors, writing very unique books, from suspense to romance, supernatural to contemporary, young adult to historical women’s fiction. Feel free to TAKE YOUR TIME—you have all weekend to complete the hunt and enter for all the prizes along the way, including the big prizes (no need to race). Besides, each author has offered you unique information, found nowhere else on the Internet!

Here’s Your Basic Information:

Hunt Runs: November 3 @ NOON Mountain through November 6 @ MIDNIGHT Mountain (yes, some stops are appearing already–but all links won’t be working until noon on the 3rd–just wait to start scavenging to have the best experience!!)

Grand Prize: $250 Visa gift card & 30 books; 2nd Prize: $125 Visa gift card & 30 books; 3rd Prize: $75 Visa gift card & 30 books. Open to international entrants. (But if someone outside the USA wins, books will arrive without autographs and you will receive the equivalent of US$ in Visa credit via gift card.)

PLEASE DON’T USE INTERNET EXPLORER to go through the loop. We have many web sites that don’t play nicely with IE. We recommend you use Firefox or Chrome. (And they’re way better anyway!)

The HUNT BEGINS AT STOP #1 and ENDS AT STOP #31, WHERE YOU ENTER YOUR INFO IN THE RAFFLECOPTER FORM. To enter for the prizes, collect all the word clues in red from each stop in the hunt to formulate the quote(s).

If you get lost along the way, here’s the complete list of all 31 stops with links:

STOP #1 Lisa T. Bergren
STOP #2 Deborah Raney
STOP #3 Jody Hedlund
STOP #4 Roseanna White
STOP #5 Cindy Woodsmall
STOP #6 Connilyn Cossette
STOP #7 Melissa Tagg
STOP #8 Janet Chester Bly
STOP #9 Katherine Reay
STOP #10 Rachel Hauck
STOP #11 Louise Gouge
STOP #12 MaryLu Tyndall
STOP #13 Colleen Coble
STOP #14 James Rubart
STOP #15 Leslie Gould
STOP #16 Ronie Kendig
STOP #17 Sibella Giorello
STOP #18 Margaret Daley
STOP #19 Kristen Heitzmann
STOP #20 Lisa Harris
STOP #21 Carrie Stuart Parks
STOP #22 Serena Chase
STOP #23 Laura Frantz
STOP #24 Suzanne Woods Fisher
STOP #25 Tricia Goyer
STOP #26 Maureen Lang
STOP #27 Ruth Herne
STOP #28 Melanie Dickerson
STOP #29 Susan Sleeman
STOP #30 Tamera Alexander
STOP #31 Lisa Bergren/Prize Entry Page

Questions? Email Lisa@bergrencreativegroup.com