Mini Montana Scavenger Hunt

Jan 15, 2019

Some of you may have done my semi-annual BIG Christian fiction scavenger hunt, where you collect a clue from each stop and then enter for a big prize. Well, in honor of my new release, ONCE UPON A MONTANA SUMMER, we’re doing a mini five-day hunt!

Each day, there will be a new post, and you can visit the site, read and comment on the post. IMPORTANT: JOT DOWN THE CLUE AT EACH STOP OF THE HUNT so you have all your answers together to enter the Rafflecopter form on the 19th. Or you can wait until the end and visit all five sites at once! JOIN US ANYTIME THIS WEEK–OR DO IT ALL ON THE 19th & 20th. Here are the posts, the days they appear, and the information you need to collect from each. YOU ENTER THAT INFORMATION ON THE RAFFLECOPTER FORM. Not in the comments, please!

Book giveaway at each stop, each day!
1st: $100 Amazon gift card
2nd: $30 Amazon gift card
3rd, 4th, 5th: 3 romance novels that I wrote at the beginning of my career!

Jan 15: Finding Wonderland; 7 Reasons to Read Romance
Fill in this answer from Lisa: They inspire us to be _____ _______ _________. 

Jan 16: Faithfully Bookish; Why Montana?
Fill in this answer. Lisa spent most of her summer “spending long languid days __________ the _________ or swimming in an icy lake.”

Jan 17: Reading is My Superpower; Excerpt from Once Upon a Montana Summer
Why does Chase come to see Adalyn in Chicago?

Jan 18: Wishful Endings, Q&A with me
Who are some other contemporary romance authors Lisa enjoys reading?

Jan 19: Relz Reviewz; Why Once Upon a Summer?
What is Lisa’s favorite season of the year?

Jan 20: Last chance to visit all 5 blog stops!

Jan 21: Winner drawn here on this page! Enter by midnight on 1/21/19 (MST)! We’ll notify the winner on 1/22, using the email you used to enter Rafflecopter. If you are having trouble using the Rafflecopter form, you may email with all 5 answers and your full name midnight on 1/21. This contest is open to international entrants. If someone outside of the USA wins 3rd-5th prize, I’ll send them a $30 USD gift card instead.

Jan 22: Winners announced


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