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Nov 6, 2019

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HELLO! If we haven’t crossed paths before, my name’s Lisa Bergren and I’m a writer of many things—children’s books, gift books, nonfiction, and fiction in many genres. And I’m talkin’ MANY. YA time travel, spiritual suspense, women’s fiction, dystopian…you get the gist. You can learn more about me and all my books here on my site and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But I always adore a good love story. My newest release is a contemporary romance—ONCE UPON AN ALASKA SUMMER. Here’s what it’s about:

For years, Bryn Bailey and Eli Pierce have danced around their undeniable attraction, but it was never the right time or the right place. But now Bryn Bailey has finally, officially become “Doc Bailey” and has volunteered to work for the summer for Housecalls, an outfit who responds to medical needs for those living in the bush. And as fate would have it, Eli Pierce’s bush plane operation services Housecalls’s contract. Thrown together again, neither can deny that sparks are flying. But even if it’s finally “The Right Guy and The Right Time,” is Bryn in “The Right Place” to welcome love at last? It all unfolds Once Upon an Alaska Summer.

Alaska? Summer? I’d dearly love to go back, but the first time I went was in the FALL, and I had the most divine experience one night…

Why I’m Obsessed with the Aurora Borealis

I grew up spending summers in Northwest Montana, where the Northern Lights often showed themselves in the wee hours. I usually missed them—given that I was a kid and I’m pretty dedicated to a good night’s sleep—but always wanted a glimpse.

The summer I met my husband, we were staying up later, in the throes of falling in love, spending hours talking about everything and one night, paddling out into the center of the lake in a large, flat-bottomed canoe. There, about 1am, while we were (*cough*) talking, I spotted an odd glow on the horizon, illuminating the towering pine trees in green. As we watched, the green light spread and then began to waft upward, drowning out starlight with its unearthly glow.

We, of course, thought it was God blessing us and our relationship. The Northern Lights have that effect—it often feels like a kiss from God.

Fast forward a few years. I hopped a plane to Alaska for what was maybe my second research trip as a novelist (we had ZERO moola). I was researching Pathways (now Once Upon an Alaska Summer), and spent a night in Anchorage, then drove up to Talkeetna. When I checked into my tiny hotel, I heard someone talk about the Northern Lights he’d seen the night before. “Oh,” I said. “I wish I’d seen them!”

The hotel clerk shrugged her shoulders. “Well, if they come out again, I could call you…”

I enthusiastically agreed.

About 2am, my phone rang. “Ms. Bergren, your Northern Lights are out,” she said. I threw on pants and a sweatshirt, then raced down the stairs and outside, where I joined eight or nine others, staring upward and outward in amazement.

There was a three-quarter moon behind our right shoulders, illuminating the entire, snow-covered mountain range—including the towering Mt. McKinley—and a serpentine river below, glittering in the moonlight. You could even see a bit of the gold and orange of autumnal trees. But our eyes were drawn to the color above us, a steadily gathering neon green band, dancing across the sky. Closer and closer it came to where we stood, and when it was directly above us, it turned red, and showers of crimson light began cascading down around us.

I can only describe it like ethereal, gossamer angel’s wings.

It was holy. It was miraculous. Like coming face to face with God. A bit like Moses might’ve felt in front of the burning bush. Perhaps a tad like Abraham might’ve felt on Mt. Sinai. And as I stood there, tears streaming down my face, I knew I’d never ever forget it.

Later I’d write the Northern Lights Series (The Captain’s Bride et al) where the Aurora would make an appearance a few times. But it was in Once Upon an Alaska Summer it had the most prominent effect.

I hope that someday, you get to see them in person too. When you do, email me. I want to hear about it.

If you’d like a copy of Once Upon an Alaska Summer, you can purchase it at your local bookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and elsewhere. If you’d like an autographed copy, you can purchase it at Lisa’s Book Nook. THIS WEEKEND ONLY, you can get it at my Book Nook in combination with Once Upon a Montana Summer for only $.99 more (!!!)–$13.98 for two books.

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