Welcome to Our Spring Hunt!

Mar 18, 2021

Welcome to our Spring Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt! Here you’ll find unique information about thirty authors and their new releases, as well as have a chance to win many prizes! The hunt begins on March 18th at noon Mountain time and runs through March 21st at midnight Mountain time. So you have ALL weekend to take your time, moving through the hunt, collecting clues and learning about our new releases! It is open to readers around the world and our grand prizes include:

1st Prize: $150 USD Amazon gift certificate plus all 30 novels
2nd Prize: $125 USD Amazon gift certificate plus all 30 novels
3rd Prize: $100 USD Amazon gift certificate plus all 30 novels
4th Prize: $75 USD Amazon gift certificate
5th Prize: $50 USD Amazon gift certificate

In addition, many authors are offering bonus prizes along the way! Check out this amazing group…

Stop 1: Lisa T. Bergren
Stop 2: Suzanne Woods Fisher
Stop 3: Sarah Sundin
Stop 4: Jocelyn Green
Stop 5: Bethany Turner
Stop 6: Jill Eileen Smith
Stop 7: Michelle Griep
Stop 8: James R. Hannibal
Stop 9: Lynn H. Blackburn
Stop 10: Roseanna White
Stop 11: Cathy Gohike
Stop 12: Carla Laureano
Stop 13: Carrie Turansky
Stop 14: Cara Putman
Stop 15: Deborah Raney
Stop 16: Heidi Chiavaroli
Stop 17: Angela Hunt
Stop 18: Elizabeth Goddard
Stop 19: Tessa Afshar
Stop 20: Cynthia Ruchti
Stop 21: Pepper Basham
Stop 22: Kara Swanson
Stop 23: James L. Rubart
Stop 24: Rachel Hauck
Stop 25: Toni Shiloh
Stop 26: Hannah Currie
Stop 27: Jennifer Deibel
Stop 28: Tracy Higley
Stop 29: Melanie Dobson
Stop 30: Julie Klassen