Fall Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt Overview

Oct 11, 2021

Our next scavenger hunt is scheduled for October 21-24, 2021! 26 authors have come together to offer over $1500 worth of books and prizes to intrepid hunters. Come check out a bunch of new releases, learn something new about contributing authors (or their new release), and throw your hat in the ring to try and win some prizes (or just add to your TBR list). 🙂

The hunt begins right here at LisaBergren.com with Stop #1 and includes these authors:

Stop 1: Lisa T. Bergren
Stop 2: Robin Lee Hatcher
Stop 3: Michelle Griep
Stop 4: Lori Benton
Stop 5: Elizabeth Goddard
Stop 6: Kimberley Woodhouse
Stop 7: Renee Ryan
Stop 8: James R. Hannibal
Stop 9: Melissa Tagg
Stop 10: Creston Mapes
Stop 11: James L. Rubart
Stop 12: Angela Ruth Strong
Stop 13: Katherine Reay
Stop 14: Jamie Jo Wright
Stop 15: Erica Vetsch
Stop 16: Carla Laureano
Stop 17: Roseanna White
Stop 18: Tamara Leigh
Stop 19: Jody Hedlund
Stop 20: Susan May Warren
Stop 21: Nicole Deese
Stop 22: Michelle Shocklee
Stop 23: Pepper Basham
Stop 24: Lynette Eason
Stop 25: Joanna Politano
Stop 26: Ann H. Gabhart
Stop 27: Grand Prize Entry