RADIO: After doing hundreds of phone interviews over the last fifteen years, I’m pretty comfortable chatting with radio personalities on the phone. Most stations do our fiction and children’s book interviews in 10-12 minute segments.  If you want to go longer, it’s best if we talk about my body of work at large and get into some serious conversation. I’m up for it if you are…

Interested in booking me on your radio show? Please contact the publicity department that relates to your topic of interest:

HarperCollins/Zondervan: #616.698.3345 (Remnants, God Found Us You, How Big is God?)

David C. Cook: #719-535-0318 (The Homeward Trilogy Breathe et al; The Grand Tour Series Glamorous Illusions et al; The River of Time Series Waterfall et al)

WaterBrook Press: #719-590-4999 (God Gave Us…Series, What Women Want, Busy Mom’s Devotional)

Or email me.

TELEVISION: The only TV interviews I’ve done are for Denver Daystar, but they’ve invited me back a couple of times, so I must have done all right…

PRINT: I’m available to interview for articles on mothering, managing a busy life, writing, and a vibrant relationship with God. Just ask! You can contact me directly at Lisa (at) BergrenCreativeGroup (dot) com.

BLOGS: Sure, I’d be happy to answer your questions for your blog, to go along with a review of one of my books. Just pop an email to me at Lisa (at) BergrenCreativeGroup (dot) com and allow me a couple of weeks to respond.