Picking up about a decade after we last visited the Betarrinis in the original River of Time Series (Deluge), my new, ancillary series (Oceans of Time) centers on the next generation of Forellis navigating the treacherous medieval waters in Tuscany, as well as two new Betarrini time-travelers, Luciana and Domenico, longing for family… Whether you read the original series or not, I think you’ll enjoy diving into this epic, romantic, and sometimes-humorous series set in my beloved Italy!

Right now, if you pre-order a copy from me, you will receive an autographed, collector’s edition hardcover, plus some sort of limited-edition “swag” item, like a keepsake bookmark (we’re in development). TYPE IN COUPON CODE FREESWAG WHEN YOU ORDER! USA ONLY. QUANTITIES ARE LIMITED TO THE FIRST 250, so place your order by February 28 to assure you’re in my special first group of readers! It releases June 13, 2023 and I’m going to do my best to get it into your hands a few days before the general public!  —Lisa

The Synopsis:

Can a family bond stand the test of time?

Lady Tiliani Forelli is the epitome of the She-Wolves who raised her, an adept archer with a mind of her own. It is long past time for her to wed, but she deems each young lord who comes to bid for her hand lacking. With battles upon their border, and rumors of war growing louder on every front, Lady Forelli’s decision could secure her kingdom’s peace…or bring about its destruction.

Centuries later, history major Luciana Betarrini takes a summer job alongside her twin, Domenico, as a period actor at Castello Forelli in Italy. As incoming college seniors, this might be their last chance to spend meaningful time together, so she’s soaking up every minute. But when Nico’s theory that their lost Betarrini relatives have traveled through time becomes potentially real—and they might be able to follow—Luci fears they’ll be forever divided.

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