Ava, Child of God

Aug 14, 2010

Tomorrow morning, our niece will be baptized. Some of you prayed for her last summer, when she was narrowly saved from complications due to a heart defect. We just celebrated her heart birthday—now it’s time to celebrate her “rebirth” into the family of God. This is my note to her…that will accompany the tutu and fairy wings I got as a present. (Yeah, you read that right. I actually got her a tutu and fairy wings. They’re gorgeous!!)

Our Sweet Ava,

Today, you have been washed in the waters of the Holy Spirit.

That means you are Covered. Captured. Forever Claimed. Counseled. Cared for.

While God loved you from the start, you are now a part of His holy family, able to draw on His Son’s own power to do His good work in the world.

Because of this, and because of Jesus’ love for you, you can never do anything too bad…or go anywhere too far that will break your relationship. He will always be with you…watching, waiting, loving you with an everlasting love. Loving you a thousand times more than even your mommy and daddy can love you. (And you know how big that is!)

Why are we giving you a tutu and wings? Because the Holy Spirit also gives us freedom. To reach down, inside—and up, above us, and imagine ourselves as God created us to be. To dream, to hope, to wish, to believe that there is…Something More.

Because there Is!

Jesus IS the Something More. Just as He once was. And He will be again. Find your freedom to dance with Him, and you will find LIFE more rich and deep and satisfying than anything the world can give you. Find the courage to believe in the Something More, always and forever. And make your dance floor God’s own foundation.

This is our prayer for you, Sweet Pea. May you know Him, more and more each day. Because in Him, you will know the best love possible.

We love you,

Aunt Lisa, Uncle Tim, Liv, Emma, and Jack