New! Reader Contest

Jan 19, 2011

Okay, so maybe you want to win SIX FREE books to hand out to all your friends. (You could go to Starbuck’s for cappuccinos & biscotti to discuss! There’s a discussion guide in the back of the book.) Or maybe it’s the COOL, HAND-MADE journal & pen I picked up in Montepulciano, Italy that you want. Or the cute little BOOK BAG with the medieval print on it.

One lucky winner will receive all of that on 3/1 (drawn randomly), just for entering my contest. Three others will get a FREE, AUTOGRAPHED COPY of Waterfall and one of the cute Tuscan BOOKMARKS I bought in Pienza, pictured above.

What do you have to do?

1)   Watch the 1 minute video trailer at YouTube (let it load first)

2)   Read the prologue and first chapter at Scribd

3)   Join the River of Time Series tribe on Facebook by “liking” it. (No long-term commitment. It’s painless, I promise. If your mom won’t let you join Facebook, no worries.)

4)   Comment below, telling me why you want to read the novel. (Or if you happen to have a review copy in your hot, little hands, please share what you thought about the whole novel.)

Now, this is on the honor system. God knows if you’re telling the truth—so don’t let him, or me, down, okay? This is a big prize, worth over $150.

So…done with 1-3 above? Go for #4, & tell me why you want to read/what you loved!