Armchair BEA

May 23, 2011

Armchair BEA is for bibliophile-type people who can’t afford a trip to the Big Apple to share in the fun and excitement of Book Expo America. So over 350 of us (mostly book bloggers) are doing it from the comfort of our own homes this year. I worked for a division of Random House for years, and always wanted to go to NYC/BEA, but did I get to go? No.

I’m not bitter. Much.

Actually, I’m not a huge fan of trade shows (I went to some others). One day on the floor, with all the crowds, and I’m pretty much cooked. It’s information- and sensory overload! But I always loved seeing what was coming up next for all the publishers. Pretty new covers, fresh ideas–it spurs one’s own creativity. And glimpses of authors, the people behind books I adored, was always fun. I’m a little less star-struck than I used to be…After twenty years of writing my own novels, I know that most of us are pretty much your girls and boys next door.

I read mostly in bed, at night, not in an armchair. Since my husband, three kids, neighbor kids, and a dog seem to interrupt me too much. So my reading progress is slow! Too often, sleep claims me before I get very far. But I still love to explore new worlds and thoughts through the vehicle of books. Currently, I’m reading THE HELP.

How about you? What are you reading and when/where do you read?

I’m giving away a set of WATERFALL & CASCADE this week to someone who comments on my Armchair BEA posts this week. Every comment you leave (up to 1 per post) will give you another chance at winning. So…answer the question above and you’re already in the running!