Best of 2011 (??) Predictions

May 24, 2011

By Lisa T. Bergren

As part of Armchair BEA this week, I’m supposed to pick what I think will be my personal favorites of 2011…but that’s pretty much a gamble, isn’t it? So far, this year, I’ve read and enjoyed the general market’s YAs: Matched, The Vespertine, Entwined, The Demon-Trapper’s Daughter, and I Am Number Four. The only book I’ve disliked so far this year has been Mennonite in a Little Black Dress. All the rest have rated four or five stars out of five.

So either I can pick winners, or I’m a lousy critic. I prefer to think I have super-human powers when it comes to discovering good books.

If you believe I truly do have the Gift, you may wan to know what’s in my TBR stacks that I hope to read this summer. There are the YAs: Divergent (Roth), Delirium (Oliver), Die for Me (Plum), Wither (DeStefano), Unearthly (Hand), and Incarceron (Fisher); adult novels Daughters of Rome (Quinn) and The Bird Sisters (Rasmussen) along with some Christian titles, fiction and non-: Lazarus Awakening (Weaver), Mine is the Night (Higgs), and The Promises She Keeps (Healy).

Thank God we’re in re-run season on TV. It’ll make it easier to get to it!

So…what are YOU most excited about reading this summer?

Give me two or three titles if you have more than one! And if you comment, you’re in the running for an autographed set of WATERFALL and CASCADE! Woohoo!