The River of Time Blog Tour

Aug 20, 2011

Some awesome bloggers have banded together to host a River of Time blog tour in one week. Each stop will feature a unique post related to The River of Time, on that day.

If you swing by that day and comment on each one, then come back here to tell me about it when it’s all over, you’ll be in the running for another pair of earrings that I’ll find for you in Venice (see WATERFALL WEDNESDAYS for another try at them). In addition, each blogger will be giving away an entire River of Time trilogy (signed by moi if you live in the USA). So it’s worth your time to stop by each one!Please stop by and keep me company for the day!

August 29: Lisa’s Favorite Scene/Quotes from WATERFALL & CASCADE (Page Turners)
August 30: Character Interview with Marcello–and surprise announcement (YA Bliss)
August 31: Ten Useful Italian Phrases In Case You Hitch a Ride w Gabi & Lia (Gone With the Words)
Sept. 1: How to Make Italian Pizza On Your Gas Grill (Reading Teen) *TORRENT’S Official Release Day!!!*
Sept. 2: 10 Things You Might Not Know About Lisa Bergren (Mundie Moms)
Sept. 3: An Itinerary for the Perfect, Dreamy Week in Tuscany (The Secret Life of a Bibliophile)
Sept. 4: Character Interview with Gabi–and semi-surprise announcement (Eve’s Fan Garden)
Sept. 5: Excerpt from a potential 4th novel (right here!)

Did you stop by each one, the day it posted? If so, please comment below, saying, “Put me in the running for the Venetian earrings! I made all the blog tour stops!”

And please leave me your email in the comment, in this format: Lisa at bergrencreativegroup dot com (to defeat the spambots and so I can find you if you win!) Other comments welcome too. 🙂