You’re NOT Reading the River of Time??

Sep 9, 2011

By Lisa T. Bergren

The buzz is good, the reviews are good, but you’re still holding back. Why is that? Here are a few reasons that I’ve heard…along with reasons to help you over your personal hurdle.

#1 The River of Time is YA and I’m Not

Okay, the characters in these books are young—but they’re living in an era that demands much of them, and often, they have to face very adult circumstances and choices. I think YA appeals as much to middle-aged readers as it does to teens, because teens and the middle-aged are facing similar issues…perspective, purpose, passion. Therefore, I believe MUCH of YA is very appropriate for an older audience. And I think it’s the reason that so far, half my readers are adult.

#2 The River of Time is Christian Fiction and I’m Not Christian

Here’s the thing. I’m a Christian. A devout believer. This informs my perspective on life and my world for sure, and some of that seeps into my novels. But doesn’t every author’s perspective do that? I’m not out to convert you. I’m out to tell a rip-roarin’, wonderful story that captivates and moves you, regardless of your beliefs.  And I strive to develop credible characterization. Given that Gabi (only a cultural Christian) has really never thought about God until she’s in such crazy circumstances, this is a slow-growth delio. She struggles with issues that I think you and I would face if we were in her shoes, and she gradually grows in her faith. But it’s low-key. Trust me. No soap-box sermons inside. It’ll be okay.

#3 The River of Time is Historical Fiction and I Only Like Contemporary

You know what I love about this series? It’s BOTH. Because we have contemporary characters, interpreting their medieval world, this is about as accessible as historical fiction gets. No long, tedious passages of historical factoids that will put you to sleep. Just a rich, historical tapestry that I hope creates a colorful backdrop for a very contemporary tale.

So…jump on in the River, friend. The water’s fine and we’re waiting on tubes, hanging out and chatting, hoping you’ll join us!

Did you have to overcome one of these objections to read the River of Time Series? What’d you think after? Or do you have another objection? Lay it on me, sis. I’d love to chat about it.