7 Weeks ’til Christmas Raffle Prize

Nov 7, 2011

Now you can enter for the new raffle prize! Above is THIS week’s prize choice from our Italian prize extravaganza!


  1. Comment below on this post, telling other readers your favorite scene in WATERFALL. Yeah, you have to have read WATERFALL to enter this week. (You haven’t?? Why not??? Get thee to Amazon!)
  2. Extra chance: Change your Twitter avatar to one of the River of Time Series book covers or Team buttons for a week. (Sorry, if you’re not on Twitter, this is obviously impossible.)
  3. Extra chance: If you’ve read Waterfall, Cascade and/or Torrent, and Tweet and/or Facebook about this prize and include this link, you get another chance at the prize (up to once a day)

This week’s prize choice for all entrants (open to internationals this week!): the Murano glass bracelet, or either of the two handmade bookmarks with Murano glass bead. I hope you win one of these special pieces. We’ll draw the winner next Sunday night, as well as email you.  I will ship the prize to you and provide verification of shipment, but if it disappears en route, I cannot be held responsible. There will be no replacements…unless somebody wants to finance a return trip to Italy for me!

Good luck! Or as the Italians say…BUONA FORTUNA!