YA Scavenger Hunt 12/1/11-12/4/11 noon PST

Nov 30, 2011

Everyone needs a few games to brighten up their life! And who can say no to possibly scoring some fabulous, free books and prizes?

On this hunt you will be able to gain access to exclusive bonus material, sign up for giveaways, and get an all-access pass to top secret insider information.

You can qualify for a prize on my site–as well as a grand prize that includes gifts from every one of the 37 authors involved–by completing the puzzle below, submitting it on the Google form and commenting here on this post (bottom).

How it works: Copy and paste the word scramble below into your own document as a worksheet. Then make the rounds, visiting each of the web sites involved (there should be a link at the bottom of each post), and find the keyword in red–then match to the associated scrambled word. Once you have your completed list, submit, in order, on the Google form by noon PST on 12/4/11.

Scavenger Hunt Puzzle

Directions: Search for keywords, one on each website that will be highlighted in RED.  When you are finished, fill out the Google form HERE.

Name ________________________

Please unscramble the words below:


Rules: To be eligible for the grand prize, you must submit this filled-in puzzle before noon on DECEMBER 4, 2011 Pacific Time. All the keywords must be in the correct place and you must include your full name and address. Entries sent in without name and address will not be considered!

Introducing…Alexandra Monir

As a part of the scavenger hunt, I’m hosting Alexandra Monir. I was excited she was assigned to me because she wrote TIMELESS, another time-crossed romance! I knew my River of Time Series fans would be interested too.

Here’s the scoop on this multi-talented girl… At the age of 25, author and recording artist Alexandra Monir released her debut young adult novel, TIMELESS (Random House, January 2011). The book quickly caught on with readers, with Amazon.com naming it one of the “Best Books of the Month” for January 2011, and Barnes & Noble featuring the title in their “Top Teen Picks.” The book went on to hit the Barnes & Noble Teen Bestsellers chart, and has been featured in a variety of media, from popular teen websites to The Huffington Post. Alexandra is currently writing the sequel, TIMEKEEPER (Scavenger Hunt peeps: note word in RED at left!!), which publishes in 2012. Alexandra also integrated original music into the novel’s pages, writing two songs for the book, which she recorded with producer Michael Bearden (musical director of Michael Jackson’s last concert, This Is It ). The songs were released on iTunes as a supplement to the book. Alexandra currently resides in Los Angeles, California, where she is at work on further projects in books and music.

You can purchase a copy of TIMELESS at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

But wait! There’s more!


Dear readers,

I am so excited to share this news with you: While the sequel to TIMELESS is publishing next Christmas, I wrote a short story that sets up the sequel in a big way, introduces a major character, and answers some lingering questions from the first book! A friend of mine described it as an “epic prequel” to the sequel. 🙂 It’s called SECRETS OF THE TIME SOCIETY, and Random House is releasing it as an eBook on March 13th! I can’t wait to share it with all of you. Check out this reveal of the cover!

I’m also giving away a signed copy of the TIMELESS book and CD, as well as a free download of SECRETS OF THE TIME SOCIETY on its first day of release! Tweet me @TimelessAlex to be entered in the contest! The winner will be announced the day after the Scavenge Hunt, on December 5th.

Much love and happy reading!

And here are a few INSIDER QUESTIONS I asked my fellow virtual time-traveler…

Lisa: Why did you decide to write time travel?

Alexandra: I have always been passionate about history, and the idea of time-travel is the ultimate fantasy for me, so I was drawn to writing about it.

Lisa: Well THAT sounds familiar!! What is the most challenging aspect of writing time travel?

Alexandra: The most challenging aspect of writing time-travel is balancing the different time periods; keeping the story flowing well and feeling organic while you’re going back and forth between times.

Lisa: That would be tough; it’s part of why I kept my characters back in time, for the most part. I just found out you’re a musician as well as a writer, and you released an album at the same time as the book! Tell us more about that.

Alexandra: In TIMELESS, my main characters are songwriters. Michele, from 2010, is an aspiring lyricist while Philip, from 1910, is a composer and pianist. They end up writing songs together when Michele travels back in time, and the music is what unites them. I wrote their original songs that are featured in the book, and since I’m also a singer, I recorded them with a 10-piece orchestra. It was such a special experience! The songs are available on iTunes, and I hope they bring the world of TIMELESS to life in a new way. 🙂

Lisa: I listened to some of the snippets of MP3s you have on your site–love your jazzy style!

Alexandra: Thank you!

I hope you are all enjoying the tour–thanks to all who have wandered here for the first time, as a part of the YA Scavenger Hunt.  While you’re here, enter to win a fabulous prize pack including a signed copy of either WATERFALL, CASCADE or TORRENT (if you live in the USA, unsigned if you live farther afield), as well as a special Da Vinci puzzle postcard, sent to you from me!

To qualify to win the prize simply leave a comment, here on my blog page.  Note: To be eligible to win you also need to submit a valid entry for the YA Scavenger Hunt grand prize.

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