Buon Natale!

Dec 8, 2011

With T-minus 3 weeks ’til Christmas and counting, I’m going to throw all of my remaining Italian prizes into one beautiful pack. I need to head underground to get my rewrite of Glamorous Illusions done, as well as finish Tributary! And, oh yeah, my family thinks I should hang out with them some, given that it’s Christmas and all. So, that means I need to spend less time administrating contests.

Here’s my beautiful prize: A genuine Italian purse, an Italian knickknack bowl, Tuscan bookmark, and Venetian earrings and bracelet, made in Murano. Heck, I’ll even throw in an autographed copy of Waterfall, Cascade or Torrent, if you want it! Total prize value is about $100.

Since it’s worth so much, this prize demands a bit more work on Facebook for you to earn a chance at it. See the Rafflecopter for details, but basically I’m hoping you can honestly recommend the River of Time series to those seeking a good gift for a fiction lover–as well as include a link to Waterfall on your web store of choice (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, CBD.com, etc). Feel free to use your own wording! And yes, you have to be a Facebooker to enter this one. Sorry to any of you who are anti-FB. If you’re too young to be on there, see if your mom’s game to be a part of this.

This raffle will last through 12/20 and the winner will be announced by 12/22. Thanks so much for your support of the River of Time Series, for me as an author, and for taking part in this raffle!