The Blog Tour Post That Was Supposed to be at Bookish Delights…

Jan 25, 2012

Hey! The blogger at Bookish Delights must’ve had something come up and hasn’t posted our interview. So here ’tis, for you people on the scavenger hunt wanting it Right Now!!

1.     If you had to change something in your life what would it be?

Financial stability. The life of an author and freelance editor means it’s either feast or famine, rarely anything in between.

2.    If you could meet anyone in history, who would it be and why?

Winston Churchill. He was so frightfully smart and witty. I’d just want to sit in a corner and watch him work/interact. I’d be scared to talk to him because I’d likely say something stupid. I sound much better when writing dialogue vs. when I actually open my mouth. (P.S. Did you know he had an American mother?)

3.    What would describe your personality…as an inanimate object.

I’m like a 2008 Suburu—plain and serviceable on the outside, but with a steady, strong engine that will outlast more cars.

4.    Do have a special place to write or read?

The library to write. I hardly get anything done outside the library, anymore. Reading—in bed, all cozy. Ultimate luxury is to get up, pour some coffee, and go BACK to bed to read some more. *bliss *

5.    Have you ever experienced continuous writer’s block? How did you escape?

I’ve never had writer’s block. I’ve had writer’s resistance. Sometimes the words don’t come easy, but I just get my rear-end in the chair, headphones on, and force myself to write. After about 100 words, they start to flow. Or I pick a scene that’s already live in my mind and write that, then go back and fill in the transition later.