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Feb 18, 2012

Hello, BOOK BLOGGERS/Friends of the River of Time Series! If you:

  1. Have reviewed WATERFALL (or can by 3/15/12); no review copies available
  2. Have reviewed CASCADE and TORRENT (or can by 3/15/12); PDF review copies available (no paper)
  3. Can receive a PDF of BOURNE on your computer or e-reader or smartphone
  4. Are willing to review BOURNE 2/28/12-4/1/12 (the earlier, the better)

This contest is for you!

BOURNE, in case you haven’t heard, is the follow-up e-novella that will pick up where TORRENT left off. What I’m hoping to gain from all of you, of course, is a collective announcement to the public. Ideally, you’d do a non-spoilery recap on the series–things you loved most–linking to your previous reviews, and review of BOURNE too.

If you are interested in entering this BOURNE Blogger Contest, please email me your blog site name and URL, as well as the address you want me to send the review PDF (Lisa @ bergrencreativegroup dot com). I’ll send you a PDF of BOURNE to review as soon as it’s been proofed. Unfortunately, I just don’t have the funds to print and mail paper copies; this contest is for e-friendly bloggers only. (If you want to review BOURNE, but not take part in the contest, that’s fine too! Email me a request for the review copy.)


In addition, you can get extra points for the contest if you:

  • Tweet about each version’s availability (Kindle, Nook, Sony) in March and April, with link
  • Recommend the series and announce BOURNE’s birth on Facebook, with a link to the River of Time Series fan page
  • Place one of the banner ads or buttons (like the one above) found on my site, with a link to Amazon or Barnes & Noble–the bigger the ad you place, the more points you gain!

Prizes: up to 3 x $50 USD Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift cards (your choice); or for international winners, the equivalent value in product on (1 if 10 bloggers participate; 2 if 20 bloggers participate; 3 if 30+ bloggers participate)

Thanks, in advance, for your help in getting the word out!

Contest runs from now until April 15, 2012.

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