Bourne & Tributary IN PAPERBACK

Aug 15, 2012

You asked…I listened. And so, I’m happy to tell you that BOURNE & TRIBUTARY are now available together, in one paperback, via CreateSpace’s print-on-demand program. The book is $11.99, and is slightly smaller than your other River of Time books (they didn’t offer the exact same dimensions). It’s about 325 pages. So, it’s not a PERFECT match, but for all of the River Tribe who have been requesting these novellas in PRINT, here they are! You can order a PRINT copy from Amazon or Barnes & Noble now (e-only on Smashwords), or send me a check for $14.00 and I’ll ship you one late-August, autographed (USA only). Email me to order a signed copy, Lisa @ BergrenCreativeGroup dot com.