An Upside-Down Sorta Book Club

Feb 20, 2013

Okay, here ’tis. This is not a mamby-pamby, easy, pat-you-on-the-head devotional. This covers some really tough stuff, tender areas to mamas and papas the world over. It’s important stuff, vital stuff. But it might be easier if you can process it with some pals. So please join me, via my co-coordinators Amanda and Erin, on a 31-day journey through my new prayer book, UPSIDE-DOWN PRAYERS FOR PARENTS in March.

Each day, Amanda and Erin will be posting their thoughts on that day’s content on their Facebook pages and I’ll interface with them there too! We’ll cover Day 1’s content on March 1, Day 2’s content on March 2, etc, etc., until we hit Day 31 on March 31!

The Prize

And here’s the bribe. I’m hoping God speaks through my humble words in a fresh way to you. But I’m ALSO giving away a prize to someone who finishes all 31 days of their journey with us! Given that we have Easter in there, I’ll even give you until 4/2 to read all 31 entries! If you’re joining us, comment below that you’re in, and what drew you to take part. And if you finish, be sure to come back and tell me (comment) you finished. Those two blog comments are mandatory. The Twitter and Facebook stuff are just extra/if-you-feel-like it things.

Most of all, I would love it if you took 10-15 minutes a day to read, respond (there’s a response place in the devotional), and then if you feel like it, post your thoughts on Amanda or Erin’s Facebook pages. I’ll be stopping in there to see what’s happening and dialogue a bit too. But I’m mostly after you reading with us, and processing it with God, so don’t feel undue pressure.

For Bloggers

If you’re a blogger who wants to take part and post her thoughts on her own blog, email me so I know you’re a part of the mix. I’d be happy to stop by and respond to your announcement post, if you care to post such an announcement. Just give me a shout at Lisa @ bergrencreativegroup dot com and put “book club announcement” in the subject line, and include your URL, please. Thanks so much for taking part!

The Book

You can buy your copy of my new devotional at your local bookstore, online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Lifeway, Family, or (it’s a steal at only $9.99!)…or from WaterBrook Press, who has offered book club members a special 30% discount. Just pop on over to their site and use the special coupon code: LEADER30 at checkout.

Alright? Questions? Concerns? WE CAN DO THIS! I can sense God smiling already. Put on your helmets…we’re going in!

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