Dear REMNANTS Pre-pub Street Team…

Feb 13, 2013

Thanks to those of you who volunteered to take part in the Remnants Pre-pub Street Team, Phase 1, via the Facebook/RiverofTimeSeries page. Remnants: Season of Wonder, is my new YA novel launching this fall, and we’re getting the ball rolling now to both make sure the book is on track, connecting with readers, as well as begin the buzz! This message is for those who already contacted me and posted a picture, as requested, on Facebook.

Phase 1 Commitment

Those who wanted to be in the running for PHASE 1 posted a picture of themselves reading a River of Time book (paperback or electronic—cover on your screen) on the River of Time Series Facebook page as well as your own by 2/12/13; (b) “liked” the Remnants Series Facebook page; and NOW they’ll (c) read my first chapter of Remnants; (d) and fill out a brief survey, so I can gauge reader’s first responses and make adjustments if necessary.

In or Out? What REMNANTS is About…

There will be further phases as part of the street team, and you can opt out at any time. And those who missed this opportunity can join the regular Remnants Street Team that will help promote the first release (details coming later in the year).

The book is a dystopian (the opposite of utopian), and I like to call it “Hunger Games with hope.” It’s a couple hundred years in the future, and civilization has returned to a feudalistic, almost-medieval world. The prophesied Ailith—both the Remnants and the knights that protect them—are called together to help save an imprisoned prince and gather the faithful to prepare for the coming King. It’s a very spiritual, suspenseful series, with overt good and evil themes. My characters pray and look to El Roi, the God who sees. You can read chapter one and see what you think…and I want your honest opinion in the survey. But if it’s not your cup o’ tea, you may certainly opt out; simply email me at any time. Explain or don’t explain–absolutely no pressure. You’re a volunteer!

Think you’ll stay in? That’s cool, because there will be PRESENTS!

For those who make it all the way to the last phase (I think there will be 3-5), I’ll put your name in the back of the book and send you a free, signed copy, plus one for a friend! In addition, there will be some additional prizes offered for my Street Team, along the way. Upcoming phases might include reading the full novel, posting reviews online (Amazon, B&N, CBD, goodreads), giving me feedback, then promoting it, once it’s out!

I have limited space for my international friends, so be sure to let me know if you live outside of the USA.

And sorry—if you haven’t been on Facebook/RiverofTimeSeries, you might have missed this opportunity to take part. At this point, the pre-publication Remnants Street Team is closed to those listed below. There will be additional opportunities for another post-publication Remnants Street Team August-December. Be sure to “like” Remnants Series on Facebook and check in there to find out more/be “in the know” about future opportunities. And no, at this point, if you’re not on Facebook, you can’t take part. Sorry! It’s simply the best vehicle for promotion out there, yet. Check back once we launch the post-pub team—there might be additional options then. Thanks for your interest!


1)   Confirm your name is spelled correctly below, and the way you’d want it listed if you make it to through all the phases pre-publication

2)   Email me your email address with “Remnants Street Team” in the subject line (Lisa @ bergrencreativegroup dot com): I will send you CHAPTER 1 and the survey link later in the week.

3)   If it says “picture” beside your name, I noted that you commented before 2/12 and apparently tried to post on the River of Time Series Facebook wall, but it didn’t show up. Please try again by posting a picture on your own wall, showing you reading a River book; you can get it to show up on the River page by commenting on your picture and putting “@River of Time Series” in the text—you should see a pop-up below as you type that, and if you click on the @RiverofTimeSeries page (you’ll recognize the logo), it will pop in the link and it should appear on the page. If you posted a picture and you saw it show up on or before Tuesday, 2/12, email me: Lisa @ bergrencreativegroup dot com. Why jump through this hoop? Because getting a picture to post with a link is helpful in promotion.


Alexis Mitchell
Aleisha Marina Van Kerkhof  (NEW ZEALAND)
Alisha Lauzau
Ashley Lauzau
Amber Thibeault
Amelia Daniel
Anna Tribelhorn
Bailey Latham
Beatrice Mary-Kathryn Sullivan
Beccie Weaver
Bekah Woeste
Bethany Baldwin
Caitlyn Santi
Cara Howell
Carol Curl Rickman (picture?)
Charity U-Austenite
Cindy Teets-Rhein (picture?)
Claire Glandon
Cori Oliver Crews
Courtney Brown
Crystal Job
Dallas Hedges
Dianne Bennett
Emma Johnson
Hannah Wilson (picture?)
Harmony Neganiwina
Heather Manning
Jaime Heller
Janene Begin Limberger
Jen Heinze (picture?)
Jen Herd
Jenilee Goodwin
Jenny Holloway
Jenny Miller Showalter
Jessica Gillan (picture?)
Jojo Byrd Sutis
Josie Stewart Harvey (picture?)
Joyce Heffron (picture?)
Julie Gilmore Graves
Julie Griffioen Arbuckle (picture?)
Kaitlyn Stickley
Kara Grant
Karin Perry
Katherine Kerkhover
Kathy Van Wagoner
Katie Marie Skelton
Katie McCurdy
Katrina Chilton
Kim Stevenson
Kristie J. Baslee Truett
Laura Pol (picture?)
Leah Dymesich
Lisa Davis Perkins
Lora Hansen Ruiz
Madi Worker  (AUSTRALIA)
Mandy Heffron
Melanie J. Florian-Harris (picture?)
Melanie Waters Woods
Michelle Pearson
MK Fleshman
Nicole Magolan
Ntzee Thao
Paige McQueen
Rachel Powers
Reese Elaine Elmstedt
Sabrina Vogt (picture?)
Sara Thul
Sarah Day
Sarah Garretson
Sarah Marie Gorton
Sarah McKenzie
Shannon Colleen Chaney
Sheliy Magee
Shira Wray Jorgensen
Staci Murden (picture?)
Stephanie Iovescu
Stephanie Larae Waker (picture?) (CANADA)
Terri Uchtman (picture?)
Tiffany Hester
Victoria Vandenberg
Virginia Burford