Easter Blog Hop Stop 3

Feb 27, 2013

Easter memories abound for me. Mostly, as a child I remember waking to an Easter basket on the back porch (I grew up in California)—a tradition that went on well into high school, and one I continue for my own children—and hunting for Easter eggs.

Today’s Blog Hop Stop features the people behind GOD GAVE US EASTER and this hop, via PICTURES! This picture below is of me and my little brother, Ryan, on Easter morning, in 1975 (I think). Check out that lace edged robe I was rockin’…as well as the morning-hair! And look! The Easter Bunny—*cough*—Mom—put the goodies in sand pails. Appropriate for California kids, huh? We could move right on from Easter to building sand castles…

After the Easter Egg hunt, we’d dress in new clothes and head off to church. I loved decorating an Easter cross there. Families would bring flowers from home and all the kids would each put a flower on the cross. It was always so pretty, when all those daffodils, iris, tulips, roses and daisies came together. Truly a celebration of LIFE which was so appropriate for the day celebrating the Savior’s resurrection.

The picture at the top of this post is of us with my parents, Jim and Karen, in front of our childhood home, circa 1972. I only have happy, happy memories from that place and with my special family and friends/neighbors. That’s my mom stylin’ in the patchwork dress and frosted hair, and my suave dad in the hot pink shirt and tan suit. They were always the coolest. (Thanks, Dad, for finding and sending these pics!)

From the Illustrator, Laura Bryant…

“I wish I could find a few childhood Easter pics…that would have been fun since my family often celebrated Easter on a sailboat! Mysteriously, brightly colored easter eggs would be hiding in every nook and cranny on the boat… who knew that the Easter bunny could traverse the salty seas! When we stayed home for Easter, we would have a traditional Easter egg hunt. Our dog seemed to think this was a competition and managed to find, crush or swallow more then his fair share. Here is an Easter pic from a few years ago. My best friend from college was visiting with her little boy; from left to right: Laura (me), Cy, and Nicole. It was wonderful to celebrate Easter through a child’s perspective. We should all have a pair of bunny ears!”

I think that’d be pretty awesome to celebrate Easter on the ocean…and I adore that Cy has a mammoth bunny on his vest, even!

From the Marketer, Lindsay Olson…

“Easter always meant two things for me as a kid: a puffy dress, and sleeping in sponge rollers the night before. Luckily, I loved wearing ‘spinny’ dresses enough that I didn’t mind the pain of sleeping in rollers! In this photo, I’m about five years old and with my two cousins.”

Adore that volume, Lindsay! And yes, spinny dresses were the best!

Thanks for making this stop in the Easter Blog Hop! Here’s your egg, to enter in the form…

TODAY’S EGG: I saw Lisa got an Easter PAIL!

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