Mar 5, 2013

Did you read GLAMOROUS ILLUSIONS?? If not, now is a great time to dive into the series, and if you DID read book 1, you’ve probably been wondering when book 2 is coming out…and the wait is over! Book 3, GLITTERING PROMISES, comes out this fall (October). I’m in edits now and the story’s finale is shaping up nicely.

The Grand Tour Series centers around Cora Diehl Kensington, a young woman raised with very humble means, and thrust into the very different, luxurious lifestyle of a well-to-do family. She travels with this group through Europe on the Grand Tour, from England to France to Switzerland to Italy, experiencing beautiful, famous locations, as well as meeting important people, seeing famous pieces of art first-hand and gaining knowledge that will serve them well in the future. But Cora is after something else. She’s trying to figure out who she really is…And who she isn’t.

In Book 2, GRAVE CONSEQUENCES, Cora also must decide who holds her heart–the dashing Pierre, or Will, her guide on the tour. To complicate matters, there are those who hunt the group with nefarious goals in mind…

Jump on into the Grand Tour. It’s like a trip to Europe for less than $40.00. 🙂

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Happy reading!