Thanksgiving: The Book Edition

Nov 1, 2014

Friends, I’ve invited some fellow authors to share what they’re thankful for this November, and of course…I had to make it into a fun contest! So, here goes…Below, you can read about what my friends had to say. How do YOU get in the running to win all their books? By giving thanks yourself! The more thanks you give, the better your chances to win an autographed copy of each of the books shown above!


Here’s how you can enter to win (the more you do, the better your chances; the only mandatory entry is #1):

1) Comment on this post (below) on a life-changing book you read (give us title and author) and why it was life-changing or perspective-changing…basically why you’re thankful for it (5 points)
2) Email your pastor, spiritual mentor, teacher or counselor and tell them what they’ve meant to you this year (10 points)
3) Tell, text or email every member in your immediate family one thing that makes you thankful for them (10 points)
4) Skip going out or that pumpkin-spiced coffee drink a few times and donate $20 USD to a local charity that will make others thankful for your generosity (10 points)
5) Find your favorite author’s Facebook page and let them know what reading their book meant to you (5 points)
6) Post reviews on Amazon of three favorite novels you’ve read and loved in the last year–something that makes authors super-thankful! (10 points)

Finished! Nicely done! Don’t you feel like a winner already with that heart brimming with gratitude?? After you do all you’re going to do from the list above, FILL IN THE RAFFLECOPTER FORM below by the evening of NOVEMBER 10, 2014 to be in the running for the prize package of books! USA only for the autographed book prize pack. Sorry, internationals! Shipping out of the States is just too time-consuming and costly. But we’re thankful for you too, so if one of our first 2 randomly-drawn prizes is an international, I’ll send you a $50 USD Amazon gift card.

What My Author Pals & I are Thankful for:autumn_leaves_PNG3592

–A husband who loves me, despite all my foibles.
–Three healthy, thriving children.
–A faith community growing in discipleship.
–LISA T. BERGREN, author of Remnants: SEASON OF WONDER

–The understanding that life is much more than this fleeting, glorious confusion during the time we are given on earth in our frail bodies, and that there is a deep meaning to life that begins with the love that we can share, and the ultimate love that awaits each of us.
–I’m profoundly grateful that an exciting weekend for me consists of popcorn and hot chocolate and watching a movie at home with my wife and my daughters.
— That because of my Canadian background, I get to celebrate Thanksgiving twice each year!


–Homeschooling. I’ve been a homeschooling mom for 20 years, and I have two college graduates, and a third working on his degree. But after adopting three little ones I’m in homeschool mode again with our children ages 7, 4 1/2 and 4! I’m enjoying working on the phonics books and reading some of my favorite books like Farmer Boy!
–Friendships. Last week I got to spent time with other blogger mamas in Montana. Friday night I’m going to a Kari Jobe concert with the women from my small group at church. And, I’m so thankful to have written Where Treetops Glisten with FRIENDS! What a gift!
Beauty. Our yard is filled with grand oak trees that are turning beautiful colors. Falls is a beautiful time of year, and I love seeing God’s handiwork!
–TRICIA GOYER, author of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” in WHERE TREETOPS GLISTEN

–I am so thankful for the family God has gifted me with. I have an amazing husband and four awesome kiddos. That is a true blessing and gift, and one I am very grateful for.
–I’m thankful to be alive at this time. As a teen, I loved the romance of the big skirts in Gone With the Wind. I loved the idea of being a pioneer. Reality is I love indoor plumbing and electricity. I also appreciate the freedom and opportunities that come with being alive at this time.
–I’m thankful for the men and women who have served our country in times of war and peace through the military and supporting organizations. Much of what I am thankful for is an opportunity because of the sacrifices they have made.
–CARA PUTMAN, author of “White Christmas” in WHERE TREETOPS GLISTEN

–I’m thankful for our three children, who are growing into godly young men and women. Our oldest son just graduated from college and has a wonderful job as an engineer, our daughter is flourishing at the community college and is set to transfer to college, and our youngest son just got his driver’s permit. The last few months have been momentous.
–I’m thankful for the twenty-five years of marriage my husband and I celebrated in August, and I’m especially grateful for the trials and difficulties that have built us as people and deepened our faith and our love.
I’m thankful for soup and sweaters and school supplies—autumn is my favorite season!
–SARAH SUNDIN, author of “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” in WHERE TREETOPS GLISTEN


–I’m thankful for a healthy family. My husband and son are both healthy. And as hard as it is being separated from my daughter (we’re waiting to bring her home from the Congo), she is healthy. Incredibly healthy, in fact. This is no small thing in a country where one in five children die before they reach the age of five.
–I’m thankful for the gift of writing, especially in the fall, when the air starts to get a decided nip to it. I love curling up in a blanket with the colorful trees outside my office window and a hot cup of coffee on my desk while my mind runs away to some place imaginary. Not only is this invigorating, it’s a wonderful distraction from the waiting that has marked our adoption.
–I’m thankful for taco soup. I mean, really. There is nothing more delicious on a crisp fall day, then a hot bowl of taco soup. Top that taco soup with a dollop of sour cream, some shredded cheese, fresh chopped onion, and some tortilla chips and you pretty much have yourself a bowlful of heaven. Eat that bowl of heaven while watching a football game with your husband, and it’s even better.

–The peace of God which passes all understanding.
–The lovely comfort of a good book.
–Friends who are kindred spirits.

–I’m profoundly, joyously thankful that my sins are washed away by the blood of the Lamb, Christ Jesus. Without that, the greatest earthly blessings would be hollow. With that, the toughest trials are put into their proper perspective—a light affliction not to be compared with the eternal joy and wholeness that awaits the child of God.
–I’m thankful God grants us the desires of our hearts. In my case, the opportunity to share my stories, and His grace, with readers. For nearly twenty years I prayed a specific prayer regarding this. “Lord, if You don’t desire my stories to be published, then change the desire of my heart. Make me to desire what You see is best for me.” I’m thankful He maintained that passion for storytelling in my heart through nearly two decades of waiting, and writing.
–I’m thankful for my godly husband, Brian. During those twenty years I was writing and waiting—and not earning a penny—he was steadfastly providing for us, allowing me the time I needed to hone the craft of writing, and find my place in the publishing world. He did this all in faith, never knowing if the day would come that God might open one of those doors I kept knocking on. Without his support, I’d have given up long ago


–This autumn, I’m thankful for the cooler weather after a long, hot summer. The regular changing of the seasons reminds me that God is the one who established the steady rhythm of time.  As the song goes, “Summer and winter and springtime and harvest…join with all nature in manifold witness” to the faithfulness of God. He always holds steady even when the world seems to be falling apart.
–I’m thankful that autumn brings us to the gateway of the holiday season. Although we sometimes complain about the commercialization of the holidays, I’m glad that we also see so much evidence of love and generosity. There are very few among us who won’t take time to celebrate somehow. The holidays give us ways to connect with family, friends, and strangers, and while we’re making those connections, I think we’re somehow more in tune with God’s heart too.
–On these chilly days of autumn, I’m thankful to have a cozy spot where I can enjoy a cup of coffee and a good novel. Any good fiction can be a nice little escape from life’s craziness, but the best kind also gives me insight into people and into God’s work in our lives, and it reminds me that Jesus is the real Hero of humanity’s story. He gives us the truest love and a happy ending that isn’t really an ending at all, but the beginning of forever. That’s an amazing concept to ponder in this season or in any other.

–I’m thankful for my husband, Jerry, who has taken such good care of everything during my stressful, jam-packed writing year. Vacuuming, dusting, feeding the pets, buying the groceries–the man has done it all.
–I’m thankful for our pets (dog Poppet and cat Pinky) because they are such a source of amusement for us, with the exception for those moments when instinct kicks in and Poppet decides to try to kill the cat. That’s not as amusing.
–I’m thankful for the amazing friends God has brought into my life. I am so blessed because of them.

–Breath for each moment.
–Infectious laughter.
–Grace at the time.


–I’m grateful for the love and friendship given to me from my husband, our three sons, two daughters-in-law, and a few really good girlfriends. Every bond takes time and effort, and one of the wonders of growing older is that I’m often overwhelmed by depth and beauty of these relationships.
–I’m grateful for our three young grandchildren. Each one is filled with the awe of life, and I’m energized by it. It’s a tremendous thing to watch newborns bond and fall so in love with their families. As I see life through theirs eyes, I hear myself laugh as I did when my children were young.
–I’m grateful that each season brings its own majestic beauty, a gentle reminder of what this earth must’ve been like when it first began. Georgia has particularly long, beautiful falls, and I soak in watching the North Georgia Mountains from my writing spot, seeing the green hills turn into the gorgeous fall colors as the delicious aromas of foliage comes through the open windows.

–I’m thankful God never gives up on us, no matter how badly we stumble.
–I’m thankful God loves us, because of His goodness and not ours.
–I’m thankful God uses us, flaws and all, to share His redemptive story.

–I am grateful this Fall that the Lord moved our family to Northern Virginia two years ago. Though we’re not close to extended family, we love it here.
–I’m grateful for a wonderful husband and family who have supported me and put up with my burned-out-ness.
–Finally, I am grateful that I get to write. I adore it, so getting to do it as my career–well, it’s just sublime!

–The chance to walk life’s toughest paths with wise friends, old and new.
–An extroverted, boisterous child who pulls me out of my introverted, serious ways.
–The Internet, which God recently used to provide a loved one with life-saving information that no human being we knew seemed to possess.


–God’s unwavering presence in my life.
–The entertainment my kitties and grandkiddos provide
–The opportunity to gaze upon glorious Kansas sunrises and sunsets each day.

–Our Portland home – so delighted to be back in the Pacific Northwest with my husband and our two-year-old Cavalier King Charles.
–Apple season! I love all of the varieties of apples available right now!
–Crisp autumn walks – such a nice time to reflect on life, stories, and colored leaves.
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