Season of Grocery Store Wonder

Aug 4, 2015

HEY! My fabulous sales team over at Blink has placed SEASON OF WONDER in over 1500 grocery stores across the country!!! That’s HUGE news, and in honor of it, I’m doing a special contest.

Here’s how you enter:

  • Go to your local grocery store (participating stores listed below), find REMNANTS: SEASON OF WONDER, and take a picture with the book in your hands (or of the book on the shelves)
  • Then post a comment and attach that picture, mentioning me, the store name, and REMNANTS: SEASON OF WONDER on any sort of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc). Then make a comment in the stream below about which store you saw it in/looked for it, and where you posted your picture.
  • BE SURE to fill out the Rafflecopter form below afterward, so you’re in the drawing

You’ll be in the running for one of SIX prizes:

  • THREE gift cards at your local grocery store ($100, $50, or $25), PLUS a copy of ANY of my books
  • THREE more book awards (a copy of any of my books)

SEASON OF WONDER, if you haven’t heard, is about seven kids who were born to save a future world…a world on the brink of darkness. It’s an adventure/romance/dystopian/fantasy/YA read that many adults are enjoying. SEASON OF FIRE  (Book 2) is out now, and Book 3, SEASON OF GLORY, comes out this winter! (I’m in edits now. Feel free to pray for me…)

The contest will run now through September 15. Of course, I’d ADORE it if you purchased that book (or made encouraged a fellow customer to buy it). But even if you don’t, you can be in the running. A sample comment may be something like, “Spotted my friend Lisa’s book at our local XX today! Can’t wait to read it!” OR “Saw this today at XX. It was a great read!” OR “You’d love this book! Hurry into XX and snag your copy!” OR “Told the manager at XX they had to read it! It’s awesome!” (You get the idea.) Note: If you go to your local store and it’s either not there, or has sold out, go ahead and take a picture, and comment/post. Ex.”Went looking for my friend Lisa’s SEASON OF WONDER at our local XX store, but it must’ve sold out!” That’ll count too.

So YES, this is a SHAMELESS bid for you to help me spread the word…But HEY. I’m forking out $175 in grocery cash (plus a lot of books) to love on all of you who are lovin’ on me! So, go forth and share the happy news….

Stores where you might find SEASON OF WONDER:

  • Belair Market: CA
  • City Market: CO
  • Everett Main: WA
  • Food Lion: NC
  • Fry’s: AZ
  • Haggen, Top Food: WA
  • Harris Teeter: NC, VA
  • HEB: TX 
  • Ingle’s: GA, SC, NC
  • Jay O Foods:: IN
  • King Soopers: CO
  • Kroger: KY, MI, MS, OH, TN
  • Scott’s: IN
  • Payless: IN
  • Publix: CA, FL, GA, SC, TN
  • Ralph’s: CA
  • Raley’s: CA, NV
  • Smith’s: AZ, ID, NV, OH, UT
  • QFC: OR, WA
  • Whidbey Main: WA

Sorry, Out-of-Staters. Wish it was EVERY state and in EVERY store in those states. But maybe if this goes well…
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