Three Wishes Launch Day!!

Apr 9, 2016

As of today, THREE WISHES is available via:
–Kindle for $3.99
–Createspace Paperback for $12.99
–Nook for $3.99
–Smashwords for $3.99 (Kobo, iBooks, etc.)

In 72 hours, the e-price will go up to $4.99, so seize the day(s)!

AND…if you help me spread the word about the launch over the next 72 hours, you can enter to win this prize pack including 3 autographed copies of THREE WISHES for you and two friends, a pair of genuine Murano-glass earrings I purchased in Venice that are California-Pacific-green, and an Amazon gift card worth $300! That’s right! THREE HUNDRED GENUINE AMERICAN DOLLARS, RIVER TRIBE. You could buy a beautiful Kindle Fire, or three other things you’ve been wanting, or thirty-three littler things. AND if more than 333 people enter this contest, I’ll add 3 more gift cards for $50 each. (Sorry, International buddies. This contest has to be USA-only; I’ll have another contest next week that will include you. Besides, it may take a little longer for the foreign versions to load.)

The more ways you assist, the better your chances. Here’s how:
1) Purchase a copy on Amazon, Createspace (paperback), Nook or Smashwords (this is awesome because then your review becomes a “verified purchase”); a purchase isn’t necessary in order to win this contest, but if you claim you did (for extra chances at prize) and Rafflecopter draws your name, you will need to send me the receipt, so hold on to it!
2) Commit to honestly reviewing on that site once you finish reading it (truly, this is a HUGE help to authors! Just 1-3 sentences of what you liked about the book is sufficient!)
3) Share this contest on Facebook or Instagram with a link to this post (see the cute meme, below, you can use); and here’s the short link to this page:
4) Share one of the quote memes on Facebook or Instagram (or all of them—the more you share, the more chances at the prize you have.) NOTE: To download the meme images, click on an image. Once enlarged, right-click to save.
5) Follow me on Instagram: @LisaTBergren
6) Add THREE WISHES to your to-read list on goodreads

If you’ve done any of those things above ALREADY, go ahead and check that box in the Rafflecopter form! Thank you, devoted River Triber!