Thankful? Here’s Another Reason to be!

Aug 23, 2016

I’m so thankful for this new release! Sixteen years ago, when God Gave Us You came out, I would never have believed what God was about to do…birth a best-selling series that has sold over 2.5 million copies combined! Thank you for your part in helping to bring this beloved series into so many homes.

GGUTHThis newest addition to the series teaches kids to think about what makes them thankful, rather than what doesn’t. Given that it’s autumn, and we wanted changing colors, we moved the location from the Arctic to the North Woods, where we meet the adorable wolf, Little Pup, who would be BFFs with Little Cub if they ever met up. Little Pup will be the star of next year’s release, God Gave Us Family, too.

You can purchase God Gave Us Thankful Hearts now at:
•    Your local bookstore (just call and ask them to special order it for you if they don’t have any in stock—it’s wonderful to support your local businesses!)
•    Amazon
•    Barnes & Noble
•    Walmart


•    You could win the most relaxed Thanksgiving dinner ever, courtesy of Williams-Sonoma! ($239 + shipping value). Dinner includes pre-brined turkey (that’s supposed to be amazing), green bean casserole in a gruyere sauce, cheddar chive mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie from a Memphis bakery. Mmm…now I’m hungry!
•    I’ll also send three autographed copies of GOD GAVE US THANKFUL HEARTS—one for the Little in your life, and two to give to his/her friends so they have a reason to be thankful too.
•    In addition, I’ll donate $100 to the non-profit/charity of your choice. If you don’t have any ideas, I can suggest some…

How do you enter?

1)    THE ONLY REQUIREMENT: Fill out the Rafflecopter form below. If you have trouble, email me at and I’ll add you manually.
2)    Big bonus points if you post on Facebook by 10/1 (yes, you have to be on Facebook, but this is not required to win) about GGUTH’s release and a time when you were grumpy, but you found a reason to be thankful. Tag me, so I see it (@LisaTawnBergren) and include the picture of the cover. Ex. @LisaTawnBergren has a new book out! It’s about finding reasons to be thankful even when you don’t feel so thankful. One time I felt that way was when I was in labor (not-so-thankful), but then I got a baby out of the deal (super-thankful)!
3)    Big bonus points if you go ahead and order a copy (not necessary to win) by 8/31. Keep your receipt to send to me in case you win and that’s why Rafflecopter chose you (it keeps track)! There’s a $239 turkey dinner, free books, and $100 donation on the line!
4)    Some bonus points if you order a copy by 9/30 (not required to win, but keep receipt if you do).
5)    One bonus point if you order a copy by 10/10 (not required to win, but keep receipt if you do).
6)    Some bonus points if you make a charitable donation of $25 or more by 10/10.

WINNER ANNOUNCED 10/15/16 (USA ONLY). Even if you don’t win, know I’m thankful for you! Thanks for making this series so popular.

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