NEW Release: The Good Book For Kids

May 26, 2017

I’m so excited to announce this new family resource—The Good Book for Kids. It’s one book in a campaign project designed for the whole church, but can certainly stand alone as a family or teen devotional. It’s targeted for 8-12 year olds, but I think the sweet spot is kids in the 10-14 age range…it just depends on the maturity of your preteen. And with discussion questions included at the end of each chapter, it would be a great discussion starter about faith.

Utilizing 40 different chapters of the Bible, The Good Book for Kids covers 40 basics that every kid (and adult!) should know about the Christian faith, from creation to sin to forgiveness to grace. The ultimate goal is to help strengthen their relationship with God, showing how he loves them and is reaching out to them in every way possible!

The Good Book for Kids is available at your local Christian bookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, CBD and elsewhere. I hope you’ll check it out this summer and consider purchasing a copy for your child or family.

Here’s a cute book trailer:

Here’s the whole book cover spread: