What I’ve Been “Reading” Lately…

Jan 26, 2018

LIT, by Mary Karr: I adore spiritual memoirs, and when God redeems the most unlikely, all the better. Karr, a self-described “black-belt sinner” takes us through her harrowing years of young adulthood, young marriage, young parenting…through alcoholism and depression to wholeness and healing. It’s real, raw, and incredibly moving to listen to (read by the author). I had to slow her down to .75 speed though, because there was so much I wanted to really absorb. I even listened to some chapters twice! Fans of Anne Lamott would like this too. (Note: Explicit language, refs to sex, etc. Not for little ears about…)

CIDER WITH ROSIE, by Laurie Lee: If you favor a more gentle sort of memoir, check out CIDER. Read by the author, it’s like listening to a beloved grandfather relate stories from his youth “before everything changed” in the Cotswalds (automobiles arrived). Someone recommended this to me when we were heading to England this fall, and I just got around to it. Incredible descriptions and moving scenes.

ARTEMIS, by Andy Weir: From the author of THE MARTIAN comes a new, action-packed, techno-thriller centering on Jazz, a sassy, sarcastic smuggler in the moon’s only settlement. I liked the progression of Jazz from a loner (even though she has tons of contacts/friends), to an invested member of the community.

BRAVING THE WILDERNESS, by Brene Brown: This was a book I wished I’d read in print, because there was so much I wanted to underline as I listened! (So much so that I may circle around and read it “again” in print.) Sassy-smart Brown pinpoints how we’re failing as a culture and a people in being willing to stand up for what we believe but also commit to meaningful, civil discourse. I was inspired to be more authentic and transparent, “braving” possible shaming from others not ready for the same…but possibly finding others who are.

LIKE A RIVER GLORIOUS, By Rae Carson: The second book in the YA trilogy (following WALK ON EARTH A STRANGER), this follows the tale of Lee Westfall, a girl who can sense when gold is near…set in Gold Rush California. It’s an exciting, romantic read with just a bit of that supernatural element that I love….and charming secondary characters to boot.

What are YOU reading/listening to these days??? Comment below!