What I’ve Been Reading Lately…

Apr 17, 2018

THE SATURDAY NIGHT SUPPER CLUB (Laureano) You all know how I love audio books. But this last month I actually read a book in print! My friend, Carla Laureano, has written a delightful contemporary romance set in Denver, and it’s full of tender romantic moments, great tension, and mouthwatering descriptions of food (the heroine is a chef). I loved it.
THE EVAPORATION OF SOFI SNOW (Weber) I loved Mary Weber’s last YA trilogy and this one is equally as good. Excellent action, great romantic tension, but with a deeper thread addressing sanctity of life and human trafficking. It’s an important read. I immediately listened to the next book, RECLAIMING SHILO SNOW, and will be eagerly awaiting the third book next year.
MY GRANDMOTHER ASKED ME TO TELL YOU SHE’S SORRY (Backman) Fredrik Backman wrote the awesome A MAN NAMED OVE, which I loved. I liked this book too—it has a similar intriguing cast of characters so well drawn that you feel like you know them all—but not as much as OVE.
LILAC GIRLS (Kelly) This is an amazing WWII novel centering around three main characters. Absorbing, sobering, tender. I love novels that totally sweep you away by story alone, but also gently teach you a bit of history. AND the author tackles part of the story from the point of view of a character you can’t possibly like, but you come to understand a bit. Pretty impressive.
A GENTLEMAN IN MOSCOW (Towles) This is a gently unfolding novel, the kind of book that is best savored slowly, kind of like the genteel life of the main character. It’s another novel that brings together unlikely characters into one, tight community, making you almost wish you lived with them in the grand old hotel. And the narrator is so good that I often listen to bits and pieces of it at night when I can’t sleep.
Next up for me is Liz Higgs’s HERE BURNS MY CANDLE and Bowen’s THE TUSCAN CHILD. But first, I need to get through this rewrite of my own project, VERITY… What are you reading or listening to???