Alaska Summer Releases!

Nov 1, 2019

ONCE UPON AN ALASKA SUMMER is officially out in the world! This is a rewrite of my contemporary romance, PATHWAYS, so if you’ve already read that one, you can skip this one. But if you HAVEN’T, I really love this love story with a touch of suspense, and think you will too. It’s the perfect “break” read.

Here’s the back cover copy:


Bryn Bailey has taken a special father-daughter trip to his beloved Alaska every five years of her life. There he taught her to appreciate the wild, rugged country that surrounds their remote cabin on Summit Lake—just outside of Talkeetna—and created treasured memories.

On Summit, there were only two neighboring families, and one had a son just about Bryn’s age. An impossibly cute son. Fifteen years ago, Eli Pierce didn’t give Bryn the time of day. Ten years ago, he definitely took notice of her too. And five years ago, their serious crush hovered on the edge of love. But Bryn had no intention of staying in Alaska, nor had she quite determined what she thought of God—a serious roadblock for Eli. They separated, each thinking that they were just not meant to be.

Now, Bryn is officially “Doc Bailey” and has volunteered to work for the summer for Housecalls, an outfit who responds to medical needs for those living in the bush, while Eli Pierce’s bush plane operation services Housecalls’s contract. Thrown together again, neither can deny that sparks are flying. But even if it’s finally “The Right Guy and The Right Time,” is Bryn in “The Right Place” to welcome love at last? It all unfolds Once Upon an Alaska Summer…

You can purchase it in these places:
—On my Book Nook site, autographed!
—On my Book Nook site, in a package deal, with ONCE UPON A MONTANA SUMMER for only $.99 more (both autographed)!
Amazon in paper and Kindle
—Barnes & Noble in Nook
—Other e-sites
—Your local bookstore; call ahead and have them order it for you if they don’t have it in stock! ISBN 978-0-9885476-4-3
—And elsewhere too!

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