Modeling for SELAH!

Apr 14, 2020

Selah‘s Cover Model, Morgan Kofoid

Recently, I was contacted by the proud mother of my cover model for Selah, Morgan Kofoid. She was so excited to read the third book in the Sugar Baron’s Daughters series, and to tell me that it was her daughter on my cover! I’ve only had the chance to chat with a couple of the models for my books, and I think it’s a fascinating process, so I reached out to Morgan’s agent to see if we could do a brief Q&A. Happily, Morgan obliged. 


Q: Hi, Morgan. I’m so glad you could join me today! How long have you been modeling?

A: I’ve been modeling for 7 years!

Q: I know you’re also Miss Iowa. Congrats! How long have you been competing in beauty pageants?

A: I have been competing in pageants since I was 15 years old, I competed for Miss Iowa Teen USA 7 years ago! I am so excited to represent Iowa at the Miss USA competition later this year.

Q: That’ll be one I’ll tune in for, since I have a new friend to root for! Is this your first book cover modeling job? If not, what other covers have you appeared on?

A: This is my very first book cover. The whole process was so fun and it was super surreal when I received the book and saw it in person!

Q: What art direction did you have for the photo shoot?

A: To imagine myself as the character and feeling very passionate about helping others. Also, imagining that it was the late 1700’s and just trying to breathe efficiently while wearing a corset. It can be hard work! Kudos to the ladies who used to wear them all the time.

Q: I would’ve hated that part, especially in tropical heat! What did you know about the content of the book?

A: I knew that it was a Christian book series based in the late 1700’s and that it was about three daughters that took over their father’s sugar plantation. I also was given some details about Selah—her personality mostly so that was really helpful when I was trying to portray her. It wasn’t until after the photoshoot I was able to read the first two books of the series and ended up loving the Sugar Baron’s Daughters series and was that much more excited to represent your Selah.

Q: You did a good job! What was the most challenging aspect?

A: Trying to pose during action shots while still maintaining a soft and helpful/caring look and aura.

Q: What was the most fun?

A: The whole thing. The crew was amazing, the dress was breathtaking (literally) and the whole process was so memorable and fun. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Q: Did the dress fit pretty well?

A: Like a glove!

Q: Do you like to read? Did you ever dream you would one day be on the cover of one?

A: I absolutely love to read and I have been an avid reader since I was a young child. I get so immersed in certain books that I often finish them in a few days because I cannot put the book down without learning what happens.


Q: What are your duties as Miss Iowa USA? Is it a full-time job? 

A: As Miss Iowa USA, I spend the year traveling around the state of Iowa meeting people and attending different events for communities and charity organizations. I will also have the amazing opportunity to represent the state of Iowa at the Miss USA competition on FOX television. I am proud to also be a full-time nurse at the University of Iowa Hospitals in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit.

Q: One of our front-line heroes as well as beautiful to boot? Wowza. Thanks SO much for serving our people. Anything else you want to tell us about your life?

A: I just am so grateful for this series, this opportunity, and for authors like you who use their amazing talents to give glory to God. I think it is amazing and being featured on the cover of Selah was an absolute blessing for me. I will always cherish this experience!


Lisa here, again. Fun to catch a glimpse of the woman behind the character, huh? It was for me too. Bethany’s art director also generously shared some pictures and sketches from the process. In the picture below, you’ll see some of the other gowns they considered from the costume house. I think that’s one of the coolest parts of pulling together a historical cover. Do you imagine yourself as the heroine on book covers? How much does cover art impact your choice to buy a book? Comment below and you’ll have a chance of winning one of three copies of SELAH that I’ll award on May 1, 2020!


A glimpse from the design process of Selah‘s cover…