Do You Want My Wedding Dress?

Aug 14, 2021

I want to give someone my wedding gown (size 12-14). My daughters understandably wanted to choose their own. But would you love it or want to wear it? Or remake it? It has a ton of material in the cathedral-train skirt so it could easily be modified. Also there’s a very small red wine splattery stain on the front that you can only see when you get really close. And a few patches of lace are yellowed, despite the preservation for 29 years. But again, there’s enough material that if they bothered you, you could take them out and remake the skirt. Detailed pics below…

It cost about $2500 back in the day. It’s a gorgeous silk and lace designer gown. I was 164 lbs, 5’10”, c-cup, size 12-14 when I wore it. All I ask is that you pay for the shipping and send me pics from your wedding so I can smile over our shared love of a dress. Would you or your daughter love it? Email me how it might bless you and I’ll randomly choose a winner in a couple of weeks (if more than one is interested).