Nana The Great Comes To Visit!

Mar 22, 2022

Today the world gets to meet my feisty, fun, colorful, push-the-boundaries-out Nana the Great! Nana thinks it’s okay to build forts in the living room and paint a girl’s toenails ten different colors. She lets a child choose her own clothing and climb to the very tippy, top of a jungle gym. She’s just a bit naughty, but in all the ways a grandmother should be—spoiling her grandchildren but encouraging them to stretch their wings too. I adore how David Hohn illustrated this book and can’t wait for the follow-up book next year, NANA THE GREAT GOES CAMPING! She was inspired by my own wonderful grandmother, as well as how my mom cheered my own children on. I’ll be following in their footsteps someday when I become a Nana/Mimi/Gramma. 🙂

There’s a free, downloadable activity pack available on the website (scroll down to the bottom of THAT PAGE.)

And here’s where you can PURCHASE IT! It’d be a fun addition to a child’s Easter basket, especially if you’re planning on visiting sometime this Spring, Summer or Fall! I’ll add some to my e-store, but they won’t be there right away. In the meantime, if you purchase it this week, email me for a personalized bookplate and I’ll send it to you (USA only, while supplies last).