As I did with ESTUARY, I am offering 250 copies to dedicated readers who wish to receive an autographed copy of RIP TIDE, hot off the press! This book will release in March 2024, which I know seems like a long time away, but will be here before you know it. 🙂 Packages will include some sort of unique collectible/freebie (I haven’t figured it out yet) and will be wrapped like a gift from me to you!

And here’s the official summary (WARNING: SLIGHT SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN’T READ ESTUARY!!!):


After narrowly escaping arrest, Luciana Betarrini hurtles back to medieval Italy. Once there, she and her brother, Domenico, must decide how far they’ll go to be part of the family, and if they’re willing to risk their lives to hunt down an assassin.

Meanwhile, Lady Tiliani Forelli’s family has disappeared in enemy territory. Fearing for their lives—and secretly hoping to cross paths with the Fiorentini she loves—Tiliani goes to Firenze intent on either rescue or seeing justice done. Yet a trap is closing around them all. 

Together, the Grecos and Betarrinis must find the Forellis’ nemesis and force him to confess to his role in the murders. They assume he has slipped into the serpentine streets of Firenze to evade them. But will they find him in time to save the Forellis?

If you haven’t ordered ESTUARY yet, it’s available at your local bookstore (you may need to have them order it) or online! The paperback releases in March 2024, and the book is also available as an e-book right now. Come jump into the Oceans of Time with me!

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