The Bridge Hardcover

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In the early 1960’s, a young woman and her infant son are thrown into a cold Montana mountain river after their car plunges from an unstable wooden bridge. In the terrible moments that follow, Anna Conway and a stranger who attempts to help both lose their lives. Through their heroism the child is miraculously spared. Nearly forty years later, unexpected events bring New Yorker Jared Conway back to the river with his own son in tow. Crushed by a disappointing end to his marriage and the numbing pace of his business, Jared finds himself yearning for something he cannot define. Yet before he can discover the thing that will bring him inner peace, he must first come to terms with the mysteries of his traumatic past.

Note: This is the original cover and edition. This book has been updated and re-released with a new cover. The eBook version of this novel can be purchased on Amazon/Kindle and B&N.

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