BETRAYED’s Full Cover Spread

Aug 14, 2021

Lo, long ago, when I worked in publishing as an editor, one of my favorite parts of the job was working with designers, finessing the covers to best represent the text inside. Now that I’m self-publishing and re-publishing previously published works, I still love it! Tim and I pore over images as options for the front covers, as well as the ghosted images on the back covers, behind the back cover copy. We read and proof, praying we don’t miss a mistake when we send it off to press. I’m really happy with how the covers for the new-and-improved Gifted Series are coming together. You can see the full cover for BETRAYED below, and it’s available now! You can buy it with an autographed bookplate from me, or on Amazon or other online retailers.

If you haven’t read about book one, BEGOTTEN, you can read an excerpt here, or purchase a copy for $5 off here, or buy both BEGOTTEN and BETRAYED with autographed bookplates for $12 off right now!