They have gathered. And now others gather against them…

An illuminated letter, long buried by the Church—-prophesying a fellowship of men and women possessing powerful spiritul gifts—-is the catalyst for a profound war that will bring either a new age of enlightenment or a darkness the world has never before seen. As the Gifted gather, gain strength, and follow God’s clues, their enemies grow determined to control them.

Watching the Gifted from afar is Cardinal Boeri, who wants to use them blessed power of the Gifted to secure his own place in the hierarchy of the Church, while the duke of Venezia has reasons of his own to seize control. But the greatest menace is Lord Abramo Amidei, driven to turn the healer, Daria d’Angelo, to his own fold—-or to destroy her. And as he schemes to tear apart the fabric of her faith by preying upon the weaknesses of those she loves, Amidei knows that together the Gifted are undeniably strong and growing stronger. But if he can succeed in dividing them, the Gifted—-and then the world—-will be his.


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